LYEN Controllers

6 FET 4110 Mini Monster Programmable Controller LYEN Edition $79

6 FET 4110 Sensorless Mini Monster Controller LYEN Edition $89

9 FET 72V Infineon Brushless Controller (LYEN's Edition) $89

12 FET 4110 Mark II Extreme Modder LYEN Edition Controller $159

12 FET 4110 MOSFET MK2 sensorless Controller LYEN Edition $169

12 FET 84-132V High Voltage Racing Controller - LYEN $199

18 FET Low RDS MOSFET Overclocker Ready LYEN Controller $239

18 FET Low RDS MOSFET Overclocker Ready Sensorless LYEN Controller $249

18 FET 4115 MOSFET 84-132V Real Highway Speed Controller $259

24 FET 10000Watts Muscular High Current LYEN Controller $309

24 FET 4115 MOSFET 84-132V Freeway Speed Controller $349

Optional controller add-on:
Cycle Analyst connector, external USB-TTL connector for USB-TTL programming adapter, regenerative braking enable/disable jumper $10
USB-TTL programming adapter $15
Cruise control module $19
PAS (Pedal Assist System) module $15
Three speed switch $15

I currently have the following electric bike parts:
Half Twist Throttle $15
Full Twist Throttle $15
Thumb Throttle $15
LEFT Side (custom made) Half Twist Throttle $25
Electric Brake Lever sold in pair (black color only) $15
DC-DC Multi-Purpose Voltage Converter $16
Electric Bike Controller/Motor/Throttle Tester $29
Hall sensor (Honeywell SS41) $3
Planetary harden steel gear sprocket for BMC/Puma/MAC motor $25
Planetary harden composite gear sprocket for BMC/Puma/MAC motor $16
Multi-function switch $20
Torque arm (angle adjustable) $23

Special items:
Crystalyte Advance Battery Management (handlebar mount display unit for direct drive hub motor with hall sensors only) $99
MAC 1000W high speed motor (sensored rear, black color) $299

Please let me know if you have any other questions and would like to purchase the add-on or accessories mentioned above. I will calculate the total and send you a PayPal invoice to purchase. Thank you!

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